PBM group

Croatia, Slovakia, Romania...

Popravak Brodskih Motora d.o.o. (PBM) is a company which originally operated in marine business in Croatia. Engineers who started their careeres in the biggest shipyard in Rijeka founded their own company for repairs and maintenance of the vessels’ machinery and instrumentation. One of the most important sections was engines and turbines governors. This created close contact with Woodward Company, the world biggest independent manufacturer of control devices. In time, PBM became Woodward Distributor and Authorized Independent Service Facility.

Since then, PBM has been continuously growing. PBM has expanded from marine to power generation and industry sectors simultaneously spreading its business activities to other markets and countries.

To read more about PBM, visit the dedicated web site www.pbm.hr

PBM Slovakia is PBM’s facility in Bratislava on Danube River. PBM Slovakia offers services for river going vessels and petrochemical industries. PBM Slovakia is a service facility for Woodward governors for Eastern Europe countries. To read more about it, visit the dedicated web site www.pbm-slovakia.sk